Belotero Hydro – You Make Your Choice

It feels great to me when I see new and better skincare products launching everyday with lesser side effects and much less chemical configuration. It fulfills my entire personality and brings in me more confidence because someone out there is as concerned about my skin as I am.

Last year, I used Belotero Hydro filler from (online skincare web store) because my skin was suffering from deep facial wrinkles. It used to be a depressing sight when I used to look into the mirror. My wrinkles were not normal. I had developed excessive lines on my face because of being irresponsible regarding my skin.

The first time, I planned on using any filler for my skin. I was extremely nervous about the myths I have being hearing about dermal fillers and their wrongly gone side effects. It used to shake me upside down. Of course, no man or woman would want to play with their skin. So didn’t it.

Before using fillers, I made a complete research over all the popular dermal fillers available in the market and I finally come to a conclusion. Filler containing hyaluronic acid are not best just because of their hydrating capability but because this acid is already present in human skin naturally.

The reason we develop wrinkles on our face is because, with time our skin becomes weak and started losing this acid which is the sole purpose of wrinkles formation. Therefore, I decided to only use those fillers which contain hyaluronic acid.

However, there is a long list of fillers in the market containing this acid. Choosing one was a difficult task but I gradually with all the study I had done, made my decision. It somehow turned into one of the best decisions of my life.

I chose Belotero Hydro because of its unique formation of combination between non-cross linked Hyaluronic acid and glycerol. Hyaluronic acid is known for giving elasticity to the skin where as glycerol is popular for providing enough moisture to the skin that is lost within time.

14 days after I have had my surgery done, I noticed an instant change on my skin. My skin had no more line and all the oldness was suddenly vanished. Trust me; there is no satisfying feeling than getting your young and glossy unblemished skin back on your face.

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